My To-Do List

We're in the final stages of moving from the suburbs of Southern California to the wilds of the Pacific North West, which means all my supplies have been boxed up for the forceable future.  ** My accessories and jewelry will remain available for purchase throughout our adventure, but I won't be creating new items (or recreating old favorites) ** 

I’d been sick for about 10 years and counted it a good day if I was able to do more around the house than the basic cooking and cleaning.  Now that I’m feeling better (SO much better!), I’m playing catch up with deep cleaning, like wiping out cabinets and scrubbing the top of the refridgerator.  I'm not telling you that for sympathy, I promise, just to give an idea of the scope of cleaning I'm talking about.

Pops has been remodeling the house for, oh, 15 years?  He’s basically finished except maintenance work, so there are a lot of tools and supplies we don't need anymore...  And then we decided to move to the country and START ALL OVER FROM SCRATCH!  So we can’t rehome the power tools or weird things like the hopper (sprays texture onto interior walls) and tile cutter because we're going to need them again in a year.  Cleaning the garage is not a quick and easy task with this new adventure ahead of us.

Deep cleaning the house; purge unwanted/untouched items in preparation for moving.

Deep cleaning the garage; purge unwanted/untouched items in preparation for moving.

Start the build on the new condo/garage out in the country. Thankfully Pops is handling a lot of this, but we still talk about it ALL THE TIME.

  • Once the shell of the building is secure we’ll fly up a few times to do interior work, like electrical, insulation, drywall, building cabinets, painting. When we’re in LA, we’ll be packing pods for storage and do prep work on the house to get it sold (painting and cleaning carpets).
    • How do we get rid of the 3 other people living in the house so we can paint their rooms? 
      • I'm joking.  One is working on getting his own place before the end of the year, one will move to Oregon as soon as their room is ready, and the other is moving to her fiance's house till their room is ready in Oregon.

Purple Moon Designs Jewelry

  • Make more jewelry!
  • But how do I rank in Google so I can sell it so I can make MORE?
  • Should I open a .com for A Garden to Treasure?
    • Hey! Focus!
  • Learn to patena copper and preserve the color.
  • Update all the listings that were moved over from Etsy so they’re clean and uniform.
  • Update all the pictures to create a *look*.
    • Did my beloved camera get damaged back in March when Pops left it IN THE RAIN?? I’ve been too afraid to check and haven’t had time to take picts anyway, so it still sits, waiting. (Update: a year later and the camera is fine. Yay!)
  • Make a photo stream of all the hair stick pictures and post on YouTube.
  • Learn to use the lathe so I have amazing hand-carved oak hair sticks again.
  • Post on IG more often.
    • Need pictures on my phone.
  • Post on Pinterest more often.


Maple Creek Farms Blog

  • Write articles!
    • But I have so many TV shows to watch instead!  I'm half joking.  There are a lot of distractions at home (and work) and I'm not good at just whipping stuff out of thin air and putting it on paper.  A glass of wine helps, though.
  • Set up Google Adsense and Amazon Affiliates.
    • Hey dork, (that would be me), you need to write more articles and get more followers before they’ll accept you.
  • Post those videos you recorded on the blog.
    • Figure out where you left off with video editing and what's posted to YouTube that can be linked between the two.
  • Make a photo stream of all the pictures and post on YouTube.

Oooh Shiny…. Let’s paint African violet flower pots!

Indian cooking!  Let’s give that a try!

Bucket List Los Angeles before we move in 11 months… 

  • Tar Pits and lunch at Trejos Tacos
  • Space Shuttle Endeavor
  • Arboretum
  • Little Tokyo (for the 20th time)
  • Chinatown (for the 50th time)
  • Huntington Gardens
  • Discanso Gardens in the spring to see the lilacs in bloom
  • Bead District - oh how I’ll miss you!

Did I mention I work full time? 



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