On to Greener Pastures

We're in the final stages of moving from the suburbs of Southern California to the wilds of the Pacific North West, which means all my supplies have been boxed up for the forceable future.  ** My accessories and jewelry will remain available for purchase throughout our adventure, but I won't be creating new items (or recreating old favorites) ** 

I've closed the shutters on my Etsy shop for the summer.  I say for the summer because I haven't decided if this will be permanent or "till further notice".  Etsy has made a lot of changes in the last few months, many of which are against popular opinion, and none of these changes have been good for my little shop.  Add in the enormous OOPS where I accidently deleted 80% of my Etsy listings, and I took it as a sign to focus on my website. 


Rest assured that Purple Moon Designs is still around!  You'll still get the same wonderful handmade items and the same great customer service, regardless of where I hang my shingle.



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