Seahorse Beaded Hair Charm, Long Beach Hair Dangle, Your Choice of Snap Clip, U Pin Fork, or Snap Comb



A handmade gypsy hair charm to add a string of color and show personality in your tresses.

This hair charm is made with the picture of a purple seahorse floating in a light blue ocean in a small silver frame. It dangles from a string of large seed beads in shades of blue, red, green, blue, purple... A silver plated chain with a small bell completes the design. The bell doesn't jingle.

Length of hair charm: 11 7/8" (23.5 cm)

YOUR CHOICE of u pin, snap clip, or snap comb:

* the silver u pin measures 79 mm. This u-pin is for decoration in a completed style. It slides easily into your completed up-do without messing it up.

* the silver snap clip measures 49 mm and works great for holding your hair in place.

* the brown snap comb measures 28 mm, including the frame.


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