Green Orange Hair Stick, Gemstone Hairstick, Wood Hair Stick, Hair Chopstick, Handmade, Hair Pin, Bun Pin, One of a Kind - "Burning Bright"

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This amazing gemstone bead has swirls of green and orange around the center and a storm of orange at the top. It sets atop a coordinating orange gemstone rondelle bead. Gold accents complete the design.

The hand carved hair stick is hand carved from oak. Several coats of polyurethane make it water resistant, but not water proof - it's fine to hold up your damp bun, but you don't want to wear it swimming.

Length of stick: 5 1/8" (13 cm)

Overall length, including the beaded top: 6" (15.2 cm)

Width of stick at the top: 9 mm

Topper: gemstone beads, plated accents


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